Add a file or directory to IPFS.


Add a file or directory to IPFS.


curl "$AdminKey/api/v0/add?recursive=false&quiet=<value>&quieter=<value>&silent=<value>&progress=<value>&trickle=<value>&only-hash=<value>&wrap-with-directory=<value>&hidden=<value>&chunker=<value>&pin=true&raw-leaves=<value>&nocopy=<value>&fscache=<value>&cid-version=0&hash=sha2-256" \
    -X POST \
    -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \
    -F file=@"<file>"


  • file [Required] - The path to a file to be added to IPFS.

  • quiet [Optional] - Write minimal output.

  • quieter [Optional] - Write only final hash.

  • silent [Optional] - Write no output.

  • progress [Optional] - Stream progress data.

  • trickle [Optional] - Use trickle-dag format for dag generation.

  • only-hash [Optional] - Only chunk and hash - do not write to disk.

  • wrap-with-directory [Optional] - Wrap files with a directory object.

  • pin [Optional] - Pin this object when adding. The default is true.

  • raw-leaves [Optional] - Use raw blocks for leaf nodes. (Experimental)

  • nocopy [Optional] - Add the file using filestore. (Experimental)

  • fscache [Optional] - Check the filestore for pre-existing blocks. (Experimental)

  • cid-version [Optional]: Cid version. Non-zero value changes the default of raw-leaves to true. The default is 0. (Experimental)

  • hash [Optional]: Hash function to use. Sets cid-version to 1 if used. The default is sha2-256. (Experimental)


On success, the call to this endpoint will return with 200 and the following body:


    "Name": "wetez-ipfs",
    "Hash": "QmZACwaaaKQpYTFuaaxCC3z8cyJRAkk1bSfVSSViLQPAGu",
    "Size": "12"


  • Name - Name of the object.

  • Hash - Hash of the uploaded object.

  • Size - Integer indication size in bytes.

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