Metamask RPCs

The use of a third party RPC endpoints, can effectively prevent wallets from tracking IP addresses and wallet addresses to protect privacy and security.

You can add

Ethereum mainnet, Polygon mainnet and Arbitram mainnet RPC endpoint to metmask.

Steps to Customise your Metamask

Create a free account on Wetez

Access to the Wetez rpc services via Wetez website-API tab:

Sign up for a free Wetez API account:

Fill in your email and password, then click "Sign up", then you will get your account.

You'll see your API key right there on the Wetez APIs dashboard, for all the networks Wetez supported, the same API key will fit:

To check your RPC endpoints, just scroll down the page and choose the corresponding network:

Add network on Matemask

Open your Metamask wallet and click the network dropdown, then click the "Add network“ button at the bottom:

Then choose "add a network manually":

Fill in the network info

You'll be presented with a page asking you to fill in the network info, which will be found in the following table:

Network NameChain IDCurrency symbolBlock Explorer URL

Ethereum Mainnet



Polygon Mainnet



Arbitrum Mainnet



Tips:don't forget to give the network a different name to distinguish it from the original one:

Then fill the RPC endpoint you get from Wetez APIs into the ”New RPC URL“ and click "Save":

Now you can use Matemask with Wetez APIs!

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