For a detailed guide on IPFS Kubo RPC API, check out the IPFS reference docs.

This section provides instructions on how to perform common tasks.

Dedicated Gateway

Users can set up to five exclusive domain names on https://rpc.wetez.io/ipfs/ and designate one of them as the active domain. You may use one of these exclusive domain names to replace 'https://mainnet-rpc.wetez.io/ipfs/$AdminKey'.


cURL generates the auth header and encodes your credentials behind the scenes.

# Dedicated Gateway.
curl -X POST -F file=@myfile "http://$dedicated-gateway.wetez-ipfs.io/api/v0/add"
# Universal RPC call with admin key.
curl -X POST -F file=@myfile "https://mainnet-rpc.wetez.io/ipfs/$AdminKey/api/v0/add"

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