HTTP API methods

The IPFS documentation lists the IPFS HTTP API methods.

Wetez supports a subset of these which are detailed in this section.

All Wetez IPFS methods require including the Admin Key or use Dedicated Gateway


Arguments are added through the special query string key arg:

curl -X POST "$AdminKey/api/v0/add?recursive=false&quiet=<value>&quieter=<value>&silent=<value>&progress=<value>&trickle=<value>&only-hash=<value>&wrap-with-directory=<value>&hidden=<value>&chunker=<value>&pin=true&raw-leaves=<value>&nocopy=<value>&fscache=<value>&cid-version=0&hash=sha2-256"

Note that arg can be used multiple times to signify multiple arguments.

NDJSON responses

When a bunch of objects are requested, IPFS returns them in the Newline Delimited JSON, NDJSON, format.

This is because the calls are asynchronous and the responses are processed one object at a time.

Response JSON includes \n separators that must be dealt with.

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