How to delegate REBUS and earn staking rewards?

Install and login the wallet

Download and install Keplr wallet, then create or login a wallet account:
On the same Chrome browser, access the Rebus dashboard via this link.
Click “wallet”-“connect wallet” on the top right side, click “Next”:
Click “Enable Keplr” and approve the request of adding Rebus to Keplr:
Name your account and make sure that “Rebus” in the chain address pool is ticked:
Pull down the page and click “Next” at the bottom right:
Save the address:

Delegate to the validator Wetez

Click “REBUS“ on the left to expand the function bar, select “Staking” to enter the validator list:
Scroll down the validator list to find the validator “Wetez”, click “delegate”:
Enter the amount of REBUS you want to delegate and click “Send” to finish the delegation”:
Last modified 9mo ago