How to delegate JUNO and earn staking rewards?

Install the wallet and create account

Install and login Keplr, , change the network to "Juno":

Open the Omniflix UI and connect to the Keplr wallet

On the same Chrome browser, access the Omniflix UI. Users accessing the UI for the first time will see a prompt to connect to the Keplr wallet, click on the button to connect:

For those who have previously connected to the Keplr wallet on this UI, please click on "connect" in the top right corner of the page to connect:

A Keplr pop-up window will appear asking to connect juno.omniflix.co to your Keplr wallet, click on "approve" to continue:

At this point, first-time visitors will also see a pop-up asking for a signed message and will need to click on "approve" to complete the connection; previous visitors will not have this pop-up.

Delegate to the validator Wetez

Scroll down the page to find the validator Wetez via ”All Validator” tab and click on "DELEGATE":

A pop-up window will appear, enter the amount of JUNO you want to delegate and click to delegate JUNO to Wetez:

A Keplr pop-up window will appear asking for approval of the transaction. Click on "approve" to complete the delegation:

When the transaction is complete, a pop-up window will appear to indicate that the tokens have been successfully delegated, click "Done" to close the window:

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