How to delegate IOTX and earn staking rewards?

Install and login the wallet

You can delegate via the official IoTeX wallet — ioPay. Download and install the appropriate version of the wallet:

Create a new wallet or login to an existing wallet in your ioPay Desktop/Mobile app:

Select the validator Wetez

For Desktop users, staking is available directly on the IoTex stake website; for Mobile users, the voting website is integrated into ioPay — access it on the “Discover” tab. In the case of Desktop, visit IoTex stake websites and click “Stake your IOTX ” on “HOME” page (meanwhile you need to stay logged in ioPay Desktop App):

Enter “Wetez” to find the validator Wetez on the pop-up window:

Delegate to Wetez

Enter the amount of IOTX and duration you want to delegate and click “continue” to delegate IOTX to Wetez:

View and claim staking reward

After the delegation, you can view your current staking reward and claim for it on the “HOME" page of the IoTex stake websites:

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